Woman found on matrimonial site turns out to be a swindler, engineer cheated of Rs 1 crore in a month

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Gujarat Crime News: A software engineer in Ahmedabad met a woman through a matrimonial site who duped him of Rs 1 crore. Know how the woman committed the crime..

As awareness about fraud is increasing in the country, vicious fraudsters are also taking the help of new techniques. The best way to avoid fraud is not to trust strangers. Not only this, do a thorough background investigation of the people with whom you interact online. In fact, measures to avoid fraud are mentioned again and again. Still people become victims of such incidents. Something similar happened with a software engineer from Ahmedabad.

This software engineer met a woman through a matrimonial site and invested around Rs 1 crore in cryptocurrency on her advice. The woman turned out to be a scammer in whose trap he lost all his money. According to the report of ‘Times of India’, a software engineer working in a company in Gandhinagar contacted the cyber crime police on Saturday and said that he was a victim of a cryptocurrency scam. He has suffered a loss of more than Rs 1 crore from a woman.

The victim named Kuldeep Patel has revealed in the FIR that he had met a woman named Aditi on a matrimonial site in the month of June. Aditi told him that she had an import and export business in the UK. He can also earn good profits, for this he will have to invest in ‘Banocoin’. Believing Aditi, Patel spoke to a ‘Bancoin customer service representative’. Then he registered himself on their website and started investing money in the hope of good returns.

Investing the first Rs 1 lakh showed a profit of 78 USDT (US Dollar Tether) in his crypto account. Then he invested the higher amount 18 times. All investments were made between July 20 and August 31. When Patel tried to withdraw Rs 2.59 lakh from his account on September 3, he was told that his account had been frozen.

Patel then contacted the customer service representative with whom he had spoken earlier. The customer service representative asked to invest an additional Rs 35 lakh to de-freeze the account. After this, when Patel tried to contact Aditi, she did not respond. Then he realized that he had been cheated. The best way to stay safe from such scams is to never trust any stranger with your hard-earned money.

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