China suffered loss due to Jinping not attending G-20 summit, India benefited

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Chinese President Xi Jinping did not come to the G-20 summit without giving any reason and sent the Chinese Prime Minister in his place. This was being seen as a Chinese attempt to hurt India’s credibility as G-20 chairperson. However, international affairs experts are saying that India has benefited while China has suffered loss due to Jinping’s absence.

When Chinese President Xi Jinping refused to attend the G-20 summit held in Delhi on September 9-10 after attending the BRICS meeting held in South Africa last month, it was a big blow to India. Was being considered as Russian President Vladimir Putin had already refused to come to Delhi. In such a situation, due to the absence of Jinping, there was a fear that the G-20 meeting being chaired by India would lose its importance. But by the end of the summit the situation completely changed. India succeeded in leaving the mark of its leadership at the global level, while China missed many big opportunities.

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