New Huawei Watch GT4 Models Revealed: Leak Shows 41mm and 46mm Variants

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In an exciting leak for tech enthusiasts, images of the highly anticipated Huawei Watch GT4 have surfaced online. The leak showcases two variant models of the smartwatch in sizes 41mm and 46mm, providing users with more options for their wrist.

The leaked images reveal a sleek and modern design, with a round display and a premium build quality that Huawei is known for. The 41mm variant features a 1.2-inch display, while the larger 46mm model boasts a 1.4-inch display, making it perfect for those who prefer a bigger screen.

Impressive Features

Both models come equipped with a range of impressive features that are sure to attract smartwatch enthusiasts. The Huawei Watch GT4 is expected to include a heart rate monitor, sleep tracking capabilities, and a variety of sports modes to help users stay active and monitor their fitness goals.

With its built-in GPS and water resistance, the new Huawei smartwatch is ideal for outdoor activities such as running, cycling, and swimming. The long-lasting battery life is also a standout feature, with users being able to enjoy up to two weeks of usage on a single charge.

Intuitive User Interface

The leaked images also reveal the user interface of the Huawei Watch GT4, which appears to be clean and easy to navigate. Users can expect a smooth and intuitive experience, with a variety of watch faces to choose from to personalize their device.

In addition to its impressive hardware and software features, the Huawei Watch GT4 is rumored to support Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to pair their smartwatch with their smartphones for seamless integration. This opens up a world of possibilities for receiving notifications, controlling music playback, and even making calls directly from the smartwatch.

Expected Release Date

While the leaked images have generated excitement among tech enthusiasts, Huawei is yet to officially announce the release date of the Watch GT4. However, based on previous product launches, it is expected that Huawei will unveil the new smartwatch within the next few months.

With its sleek design, impressive features, and intuitive user interface, the Huawei Watch GT4 is set to be a popular choice among smartwatch enthusiasts. As more information becomes available, tech enthusiasts eagerly await the official announcement from Huawei.

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