IT Pay Hikes: A Look at Companies that Gave Increments and Those that Delayed

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IT Pay Hikes: A Look at Companies that Gave Increments and Those that Delayed

With the ever-growing demand for skilled IT professionals, pay hikes have become a crucial factor in attracting and retaining top talent. As the year comes to a close, it’s time to review which companies granted pay increments and which ones delayed this important aspect of employee satisfaction.

Several leading tech giants have been proactive in recognizing the contributions of their IT workforce and have rewarded them with well-deserved pay hikes. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are among those that have announced salary increases for their employees.

Google, known for its employee-friendly policies, has not disappointed its IT professionals. The company recently announced an average pay hike of 10% for its engineering staff. This move not only keeps Google employees motivated but also sets a benchmark for other companies in the industry.

Microsoft, another industry giant, has also shown its commitment to its IT employees. The company has granted pay hikes ranging from 5% to 20%, depending on employee performance and job level. This ensures that high-performing IT professionals are fairly rewarded and motivated to continue excelling in their roles.

Amazon, known for its dominance in the e-commerce sector, has also prioritized pay hikes for its IT workforce. The company has announced an average increase of 8% for its technical staff. This not only helps retain top talent but also attracts skilled professionals who are looking for better compensation.

While many companies have recognized the importance of pay hikes, some have unfortunately chosen to delay this crucial aspect of employee satisfaction. Due to the economic uncertainties caused by the global pandemic, some organizations have put pay increments on hold.

Companies like IBM and Oracle have delayed pay hikes for their IT employees. IBM, one of the oldest and most renowned tech companies, has deferred salary increases until further notice. Similarly, Oracle, a leading provider of enterprise software, has also postponed pay hikes for its IT professionals.

It’s important to note that while these companies have delayed pay hikes, they may have implemented other measures to support their employees during these challenging times. Employee well-being programs, flexible work arrangements, and training opportunities are some initiatives that organizations have undertaken to show their commitment to their workforce.


Pay hikes are a critical way for companies to recognize and reward the hard work and contributions of their IT professionals. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have demonstrated their commitment to their employees by granting pay increments. However, due to the economic uncertainties caused by the pandemic, some companies like IBM and Oracle have chosen to delay pay hikes. It’s important for organizations to strike a balance between employee satisfaction and business sustainability, taking into consideration the unique challenges posed by the current global situation.

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